‘Titanfall’s’ 10 Million Milestone Makes It A Global Success, The Sequel Game Is Now In Development

'Titanfall's' 10 Million Milestone Makes It A Global Success

'Titanfall's' 10 Million Milestone Makes It A Global Success, The Sequel Game Is Now In Development

“Titanfall’s” 10 million milestone is a pleasant surprise for Respawn Entertainment.
New games are always faced with the expectation from the video game market and the pressure to make enough sales to earn back all the money that was spent making the game. Most games just make enough to earn back what was spent, while others earn very little from their titles.

Respawn Entertainment’s first game title was an exception to the first game struggle with “Titanfall’s” 10 million milestone. The online multiplayer shooter video game was created by the minds behind “Call Of Duty,” as reported by Daily Star. The game was sold for around $7.50 at the Xbox Store and all the DLC for the game was made free last March.
Co-founder and CEO Vince Zampella announced on Twitter the good news and pictures of a celebration happening within the company and its employees.

With the tremendous success of the “Titanfall,” the game sequel will be probable. According to an interview with IGN , Zampella confirmed that the sequel is in its development phase.
He stated, “So we’re working on a sequel. No official name yet, but we’re working on that.”
“Titanfall” was released last year. The game has players control “pilots” and their unique mecha-style Titans to battle it out with other players in outer space colonies ruined by war. The developers drew inspiration from “Star Wars,” “Blade Runner,” “Abrams Battle Tank” and the character Masamune Shirow of “Ghost In The Shell.”
Thanks to “Titanfall’s” 10 million milestone, the game will be able to go cross-platform thus opening more opportunities for the game and its players.

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