Titanfall 2 To Be Made Available For PS4? Rumors Point Out That Sony Is Trying To Get Exclusive Rights Of Game

Titanfall 2 For PS4 Release date: With all the hype and buzz it has been creating, it will just be like counting a few months that gamers may see a release date for Titanfall for PS4.

That is if Sony could strike a deal with the game and if Microsoft lets go of the deal.

Sales are high, ratings are high, not only fans but also developers are trying to get their hands on this highly touted and hottest game in the market, Titanfall.

According to the site motoringcrunch.com, a reliable source said that Electronic Arts solely has the rights rights for a sequel to the shooting game, Titanfall.

Gaming blog Vyralize, however, claimed that EA always make sure that games would be experienced across all platforms so that seeing this game in the Sony console is not far from impossible.

Analyst from motoringcrunch.com, meanwhile claimed that a sequel for the Titanfall franchise will be based on the outcome of the first game.

At the same time, however, Titanfall reportedly was recorded to have very high sales in the UK most especially for Xbox One users.

A representative for EA said that the company doesn’t commit to rumors or speculation and at the moment they were focusing on supporting fans around the world that were enjoying playing Titanfall.

Meanwhile, Sony is allegedly negotiating to get Titanfall 2 onto the PS4.

The deal with Microsoft reportedly is going to expire soon and Sony is taking advantage of the opportunity as it was rumored to be fishing a deal with the game.

Sony said that if it came to the PlayStation they would triple the sales that Microsoft had made.

Titanfall is currently available on the Xbox One and the PC and have been a success lately.

Seeing the game on the PlayStation however, is very probable, as fans should wait for official announcements.

Titanfall was released on March 11 for the PC and Xbox One.

The version for the Xbox 360 saw a delay to 8 April.

Titanfall 2 for PS4 release date, however, still has no announcement since it has a exclusive deal with Microsoft.

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