Tiger Woods News: New Swing Coach? Back Surgery & Recovery Update [RUMORS]

Tiger Woods is allegedly looking for a new swing coach and has a few contenders he is looking at, Golf.com reports.

He also recently commented on his back surgery, his participating in the upcoming PGA Tour 15 and the future of his career.

“…Phil  [Mickelson] has less holes to play than I do, though.

What is he, five years older than me or four? Five.

Yeah, so yeah, it’s a reality, you know?” Tiger Woods said during a recent interview with  USA Today Sports.

“We’re all older.

I’m nearing my 20th season on  tour  here coming up pretty soon.

I’ve been out here for a while, and Phil has been out here for a while.

Phil has made every single Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup team since, I think, what, ’95.

Pretty remarkable.

But yeah, it’s just part of the aging process.” Tiger Woods is allegedly taking a break from golf until December following his recent back surgery, sparking rumors on Twitter and Instagram that he may consider retirement soon.

“With my next tournament not until my World Challenge event at Isleworth in Orlando, this is the right time to end our professional relationship,” he told the New York Times during a recent interview.

Tiger Woods withdrew from the final round of the PGA Tour Championship 2014 tournament.

The 38-year-old golf star has had knee surgery four times and had a back operation last March, which attempted to fix other health issues he encountered.

Tiger Woods’ PGA Tour Championship 2014 exit has also sparked rumors about his plans to retire form the sport and settle down.

“The knee is so much easier to deal with and rehab,” Woods said during a recent interview, according to USA Today.

“This thing is just way different.

The people that I’ve talked to that have had the same procedure, how long it takes them to come back, and most of the people I talked to who have had the procedure have no idea how I’m even back here playing.

They just can’t understand that.”    

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