Tiger Woods News: Back Surgery Recovery? [RUMORS]

Tiger Woods is rumored to quickly recover from his recent back surgery, Twitter and Instagram rumors suggest.

His return following his back surgery and subsequent recovery “is the No.

1 question in golf,” CBS Sports reports.

“The 2014-15 season will be a letdown (unless Rory McIlroy wins the grand slam) if Tiger isn’t 100 percent,” the website writes.

“I’m interested to see if he plays his own tournament in December and what that says about his readiness for the Farmers Insurance Open in February.” Tiger Woods has been dissed by Brandel Chamblee for his performance at the Ryder Cup 2014, leaving many fans wondering if it was related to his recent back surgery.

“Phil Mickelson, along with the best players of that era, have so corrupted the experience of the Ryder Cup for their fellow competitors by not having records anywhere near what they should, given their rank in the game,” Chamblee said during a recent Golf Channel Ryder Cup 2014 results and review analysis.

“He and Tiger had a disconnect in 2004.

They refused to come together and play better.” Tiger Woods is allegedly looking for a new swing coach and has a few contenders he is looking at, Golf.com reports.

He also recently commented on his back surgery, his participating in the upcoming PGA Tour 15 and the future of his career.

“…Phil  [Mickelson] has less holes to play than I do, though.

What is he, five years older than me or four? Five.

Yeah, so yeah, it’s a reality, you know?” Tiger Woods said during a recent interview with USA Today Sports.

“We’re all older.

I’m nearing my 20th season on tour here coming up pretty soon.

I’ve been out here for a while, and Phil has been out here for a while.

Phil has made every single Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup team since, I think, what, ’95.

Pretty remarkable.

But yeah, it’s just part of the aging process.”    

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