Theo James Girlfriend Ruth Kearney Moving To Los Angeles, Gets Too Busy For ‘Allegiant’ Actor?

Theo James Girlfriend Ruth Kearney Moving To Los Angeles

Theo James Girlfriend Ruth Kearney Moving To Los Angeles, Gets Too Busy For ‘Allegiant’ Actor?

Theo James may not be hold onto his girlfriend Ruth Kearney for a very long time. While Theo James has been getting steadily more famous with “Allegiant” coming out soon, Ruth Kearney has also captured the American market by getting a role in Netflix’s “Flaked.

But with wedding rumors surrounding “Allegiant” actor and Ruth Kearney, things are probably going well for them.
According to Irish Independent , “Not only has Ruth landed a role opposite comedy king Will Arnett in upcoming Netflix series Flaked, but she is also dating box office hunk and Divergent star Theo James. The 26-year-old, who studied at St Andrew’s College Dublin, got her big break in 2007 when she landed a role in ITV series Primeval.”
Sounds like Theo’s girlfriend’s Hollywood career is quickly on the rise.
As “Allegiant” gets prepped to be released to cinemas, Theo James and Shailene Woodley rumors have been going stronger than ever.
According to Entertainment Tonight , Shailene Woodley talked about the time that she had to shoot an intense, but romantic scene with her hunky co-star. She said, “I was facing the ground, walking backwards. I was holding onto Theo’s shoulder like it was the last thing!”
Shay and Theo are well known for their unbelievable onscreen chemistry, which spurred on a bunch of dating rumors despite the fact that he is probably engaged to his girlfriend.
In fact, Theo James and Ruth Kearney may step on the gas in terms of planning their wedding as soon as “Allegiant” gets released. Seeing how Theo James just turned 30, he may be feeling the pressure of adulthood.
As for Shailene, she is also going steady, though under the radar, with her hippie boyfriend Nakho Bear so she shouldn’t be really too sad about this change in her Hollywood life.
According to Realty Today , “”The Divergent Series: Allegiant” co-stars Shailene Woodley and Theo James are reportedly ready to bid their love team goodbye. Just recently, the filming for Veronica Roth’s book adaptation for “Allegiant” concluded, and fans believe that Woodley and James are on break and away from each other.”
Theo James is known for keeping his relationship with his girlfriend super private, but his last outing with her in New York, he may open things up a little bit. According to Just Jared , “Theo James takes a casual stroll with girlfriend Ruth Kearney on Saturday afternoon (September 19) in New York City.”
This public appearance triggered a great deal of engagement rumors, pushing aside any romantic links between him and his “Divergent” co-star.

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