Theo James And Shailene Woodley Ignore Dating Rumors, Girlfriend Ruth Kearney Aware of ‘Allegiant’ Actress’ Relationship To Boyfriend Nahko Bear?

Theo James And Shailene Woodley Ignore Dating Rumors
Theo James And Shailene Woodley Ignore Dating Rumors

Theo James and Shailene Woodley seem to battle dating rumors every time a new movie comes out.

The fans are pretty sure that his girlfriend Ruth Kearney is over this media blitz! Seeing how now everyone knows about ‘Allegiant’ actress’ relationship with boyfriend Nahko Bear, Ruth Kearney probably doesn’t have anything real to worry about.

Theo James and his girlfriend Ruth Kearney may actually have a lot to learn from Shailene Woodley and her relationship with her boyfriend Nahko Bear.

Seeing how she can handle her relationship in the public sphere, Theo James can probably afford to learn a thing or two! Or maybe ‘Allegiant’ star has a thing for his co-star.

According to Ventura Capital Post, “Theo James was interviewed recently and he revealed that he has a thing for the legs of his co-star Shailene Woodley.

Due to this revelation, James’ girlfriend Ruth Kearney is reportedly jealous over Woodley causing the couple to have some trouble in paradise.” Sounds like his girlfriend Ruth Kearney doesn’t want to share Theo James with any other girl.

At least his career is on the rise! Theo James just confirmed his appearance in ‘Underworld 5’ with Kate Beckinsale.

Theo James also may be a little envious of Shailene Woodley and her boyfriend Nahko Bear’s relationship.

Seeing how ‘Allegiant’ star keeps his relationship with girlfriend Ruth Kearney under wraps, he may be feeling that he is missing out on a part of celebrity experience.

While Shailene Woodley has been spending plenty of time with her boyfriend Nahko Bear, Theo James seems to have curtailed his time with Ruth Kearney.

According to J-14, “Shailene Woodley has been taking time out of her busy schedule to spend time with her rumored boyfriend Nahko Bear, and recently hung out with him and his sister in California.” Looks like Shailene and Nahko are in love! Theo James may be putting his relationship with girlfriend Ruth Kearney on the line for ‘Allegiant’ movie filming.

Seeing how ‘Allegiant’ star promised hot romance with Shailene Woodley in the next installment, his girlfriend may not be too excited about this project.

According to Fashion & Style, Theo James “admitted that his biggest fears during a relationship is embarrassing himself during sex.” Do you think Theo James and his girlfriend Ruth Kearney are having couple trouble? Let me know in the comments below!

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