The Wonder Of Lee Min Ho And Suzy Bae’s Relationship

The Wonder Of Lee Min Ho And Suzy Bae's Relationship

The Wonder Of Lee Min Ho And Suzy Bae's Relationship

There is no denying that Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae are two of the hottest Korean celebrities. And with it, they are also one of the most popular celebrity couples in the world of K-pop. Now, there seems to be no end to all of the issues that the two are facing. But despite it, they still manage to deal with all of it graciously. From pregnancy rumors, to breakup issues, and third party jealousies, the couple seems to have had it all. Now, it has been reported that Suzy Bae is in for some more positive news as she is busy filming for her upcoming drama series entitled, “While You Were Sleeping”.
And now, despite the busy schedule, Lee Min Ho wants to make the most out of the remaining time with her girlfriend, especially that he will soon enlist in the military. And even though there are countless rumors denoting the possible end of their relationship, there are no hard evidence that supports these issues. This proves that they have a very strong relationship with each other. According to Korea Portal , the two are also speculated to be preparing for their marriage. But then again, there is no confirmation that this is happening. It’s all just mere speculations because Lee Min Ho will be serving the military for two years. According to another report by Korea Portal , the upcoming drama series of Suzy Bae will come out this year. There is still no official date as to when it will premiere. In “While You Were Sleeping”, she will be pairing up with Lee Jong Suk. The drama series will have a supernatural romance theme to it, which is somehow similar to that of the storyline of “I Hear Your Voice”. The story of “While You Were Sleeping” revolves around Hong Joo, (Suzy Bae), a woman who can see what will happen in the future through her dreams. Jae Chan (Lee Jong Suk) will then be her leading man. “While You Were Sleeping” will surely be one of the biggest and most successful K-dramas of this year.

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