The Truth Behind The Name-Change Of K-Pop Band ‘BEAST’ To ‘Highlight’

The Truth Behind The Name-Change Of K-Pop Band 'BEAST' To 'Highlight'

The Truth Behind The Name-Change Of K-Pop Band 'BEAST' To 'Highlight'

What is happening now is that K-pop fans have already bid their goodbyes to BEAST, while they also wholeheartedly open their arm to Highlight. BEAST, a K-pop boy band group, has just opted to change their name to Highlight. This is due to the new agency that they are in, as well as the new number of members in their group. From Cube Entertainment, the group shift agency to Around US Entertainment. And now, they are only composed of five members. According to Yonhap News, Ja ng Hyunseung is not anymore a member of BEAST since April of 2016. He is currently under Cube as a solo performer. The group is also reported to prepare another music release.
The group getting to retain their name is reported to also be illegal. This is one of the reasons for the infamous name change. Now that the group’s name has been changed to Highlight, the group says that they are more motivated to stand out from the rest and be the best of themselves that will make them more exceptional than ever. According to Billboard , the most recent album of the group is also titled, “Highlight”. Now, Lee Kikwang, Yong Junhyung, Yoon Doojoon, Son Dongwoon and Yang Yoseob are the members of Highlight under Cube. When compared to the previous band, Highlight is now known to have a more mature theme. One can then clearly see that it’s not all about the name change, as it is also about the change in nature, theme and style of music. Though there still remains a certain identity of BEAST, the group has now evolved into becoming more of a dynamic kind of boy band that sees to it that it is not just functioning for the sake of entertainment, but also for artistic purposes.

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