The Truth Behind Monsta X’s I.M. Dating Cosmic Girls’ Luda

The Truth Behind Monsta X's I.M. Dating Cosmic Girls' Luda

The Truth Behind Monsta X's I.M. Dating Cosmic Girls' Luda

There have been countless rumors and speculations pointing to the possibility of Monsta X’s I.M dating Cosmic Girls’ Luda. Now, his fans together with Luda’s are compiling the set of evidence that proves the possibility of the two K-pop idols to be dating each other. According to All K-pop , one of the reasons why I.M might really be into one of the Cosmic Girls members is when he openly brought up one of the popular catchphrases of the girl group, “Would You Like”. The K-pop idol said the phrase during one of the broadcasts that he had been in.
It was one of the most obvious hints that I.M had. With this evidence alone, one can clearly see how the Cosmic Girls, especially its member Luda, is always on the mind of I.M. Because in the first place, why would he use the famous girl group’s catchphrases if Cosmic Girls or one of its members was nothing for him. In one of the supporting evidence laid out by their fans, the sticky not question that was given to Luda also proves that they are dating each other. This is because the sticky note question asks Luda on her ideal type of guy. Luda then answers that she prefers a left-handed guy that knows how to use chopsticks pretty well. In this case, Monsta X’s I.M is a left-handed person and is well known by his fans to be really good in using chopsticks. On the other hand, there are fans that remain to be skeptics, saying that there are a lot of people who are left-handed and are good in choosing chopsticks. According to another report by All K-pop , there are also a lot of K-pop icons who are left handed. Whichever the case is, there is no denying that Monsta X’s I.M and Cosmic Girls’ Luda look good together. Hopefully, they are indeed dating each other because that would really be nice.

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