The Truth Behind Mamamoo’s Alleged Racist ‘Uptown Funk’ Video

The Truth Behind Mamamoo's Alleged Racist 'Uptown Funk' Video

The Truth Behind Mamamoo's Alleged Racist 'Uptown Funk' Video

The U.S. remains one of the most sensitive countries when it comes to racism, especially when one talks of the Black or African-American people in the country. Now, Korean girl group, Mamamoo is in some serious trouble because of another racism issue. Taeyang of Big Bang was previously scrutinized after making himself look like Kanye West while saying “Happy monkey new year”. Many American K-pop fans were dismayed with the popular K-pop icon as it was offensive to compare black people to monkeys.
Now, Mamamoo is experiencing the same issue on a slightly different note, after “blackfacing”, or putting black makeup on their faces to make them look like African-Americans. However this time, it was more like accidental than intentional. According to , Mamamoo, together with their agency has issued their apologies to the public. “Blackface” is known to be an offensive way to apply makeup on, and Mamamoo has just been accused of doing just that. According to NME , the video clip was originally uploaded to one of the OneHallyu discussion forums. Now, it is circulating throughout the internet. Because of this, Mamamoo issued a formal apology to everyone who has been offended by their latest act. It is also reported that the video will not be anymore used in any of the upcoming Moosical concerts. The group adds that they will be more careful next time, and will see to it that even the smallest of details are considered. They then repeat their apologies. To sum it all up, Mamamoo needs to be more careful next time as various cultures in various parts of the world have their own histories marked by the atrocities of man. Obviously, the “blackface” is unintentional. But a little bit of sensitivity is truly needed to refrain from future issues to happen.

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