The Truth Behind Lee Yi Kyung’s Apology For Revealing Taeyeon As His Ideal Type

The Truth Behind Lee Yi Kyung's Apology For Revealing Taeyeon As His Ideal Type

The Truth Behind Lee Yi Kyung's Apology For Revealing Taeyeon As His Ideal Type

Lee Yi Kyung, has recently apologized for his frequent mentioning of Girls’ Generations’ Taeyeon, as her ideal kind of girl. Last May 16, Lee Yi Kyung played the “Ideal Type World Cup”. In the game’s first round, Lee Yi Kyung chose Taeyeon instead of Seohyun. He also chose Kim Ji Won, instead of Song Hye Kyo. Afterwhich, he was then tasked to choose between Son Ye Jin an Son Dam Bi. And as an outcome, he chose Son Ye Jin. But the highlight of the game was when he frankly chose Taeyeon over Kim Ji Won. The final round was then between Son Ye Jin and Taeyeon. And obviously, Lee Yi Kyung chose Taeyeon. She then became the ultimate winner of “Ideal Type World Cup.”
According to All K-pop , Lee Yi Kyung also took the chance to apologize for always telling to the public that Taeyeon is her ideal type. It’s because there are already a lot of Taeyeon’s fans that are sending him messages telling him to stop it. Lee Yi Kyung also says that he really is a close friend of Taeyeon and he just finds all the messages that he receives in social media to be worrying, especially that the reputation of her friend lies in the balance. He then says that he just wanted to clear things out and remove all of the misunderstandings that surround his intent as to why he constantly say that Taeyeon is her ideal type. The actor then says that the reason why he chose Taeyeon was because he recently rejected her offer to attend to her concert because of his busy schedule. Finally, Lee Yi Kyung says that they are really close friends with Taeyeon and that the K-pop girl idol would even visit him on movie sets checking if he’s doing fine. With this, one can clearly see that Taeyeon is Lee Yi Kyung’s working inspiration that motivates him to work harder.

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