The Truth Behind Kim Jong Kook’s Sexist Remarks

The Truth Behind Kim Jong Kook's Sexist Remarks

The Truth Behind Kim Jong Kook's Sexist Remarks

Just recently, Kim Jong Kook of “Running Man” has been hurled with a ton of backlash due to the sexist remark that he talked about with Sistar’s Hyolyn. His statement regarding his ideal woman was seen as offensive and insensitive by most people. This had undoubtedly offended a lot of netizens, as comments against the Hallyu actor has been swirling around the internet since he let loose of his own personal preferences. According to IB Times , the viewers of the Korean show, “Running Man” were offended when Kim Jong Kook talked about his own preferences regarding the ideal woman. In a scene where he was driving together with Sistar’s Hyolyn, the two arrived on the topic regarding their personal type.
During that moment, Kim Jong Kook frankly told Hyolyn that he prefers short women because the tall ones can’t really be called as real women. Furthermore, Kim Jong Kook adds that men prefer short women because they look better when they get to date them. The Korean actor then further reiterates that his ideal is like Hyolyn, who has a short height. According to Korea Portal , “Running Man” viewers were heavily offended by the statements of Kim Jong Kook. The actor was slammed hard, having been called as an insensitive sexist. Fortunately, his fans came to the rescue as they defended the remarks stated by Kim Jong Kook. His fans say that there’s really nothing wrong with the statement of Kim Jong Kook, as it was his personal preferences. It was also not meant to degrade and criticize women. They went on to say that everyone is entitled to their own ideas and opinions. To sum it all up, one can clearly see how important it is for a popular celebrity to see to it that his uttered statements would not offend anyone. This is because no matter what the intention is, it’s really ironic to know that everyone is indeed entitled to their own opinions, and that includes the scrutiny that he is getting from people.

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