The Truth Behind CLC’s Yoojin’s Double Eyelid Surgery Unveiled

The Truth Behind CLC's Yoojin's Double Eyelid Surgery Unveiled

The Truth Behind CLC's Yoojin's Double Eyelid Surgery Unveiled

Hit K-pop group, CLC’s Yoojin is now in the headlines after she faces a number of criticisms and scrutiny because of the reports that she had undergone double eyelid surgery. Now, she has to answer to all of the inquiries regarding this possible surprising news. All of the news started out during when she was seen in one of her recent public appearances. The people were shocked to know that she now has double eyelids. There are now a lot of photos that is spreading throughout the internet showing how her face, specifically her eyes has changed because of the new double eyelids.
According to Next Shark , people, even most of her fans are not that happy with what she had possibly done to her face. It is worth knowing that double eyelid surgery is a plastic surgery which seeks to add a fold on the upper eyelids of a person. This has been growing in popularity over the past couple of years on South Korean girls. One of the reasons why this is becoming more and more popular these days is because there are now a lot of Koreans and Asians that wanted to sport the eye crease that is common in most Caucasians. Before the speculated surgery, Yoojin is praised by her fans because of her cute hidden double eyelids. And now that news saying that she might have really undergone double eyelid surgery has come out, her fans can’t help but feel disappointed knowing that she has lost her natural eye crease. According to All K-pop , there is also news that says that the change in her eyelids is not a product of eye surgery, but is just the cause of a temporary eyelid tape that most South Koreans put on their eyes to have the similar look. There are now a lot of comments spiraling around the internet regarding their opinions and thoughts about the possible surgery that Yoojin underwent. There are those that say that it might really be real plastic surgery, while there are those that think that those are obviously eyelid tapes.

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