The True Price of Justin’s ‘Produce 101’ Outfit Unveiled, Netizens In Shock

The True Price of Justin's 'Produce 101' Outfit Unveiled

The True Price of Justin's 'Produce 101' Outfit Unveiled, Netizens In Shock

Justin has just shown the whole world his luxurious side as he sported a very expensive wardrobe in one of the episodes of “Produce 101” season 2. Because of it, he is regarded as one of the richest artists in the show, despite his young age and lack of exposure in the K-pop industry. Just recently, Justin caught the attention of the viewers of “Produce 101” as well as all of his fans, because of the expensive prices of the wardrobe that he wore in one of its episodes. The viewers of the show can’t help but be surprised on how Justin manages to wear all those expensive wardrobes.
According to All K-pop , the netizens who researched about the price of the outfit that Justin wore in the Korean reality show amounted to a whopping $530 to $2,600. Because of this, the viewers of the show shared their thoughts regarding the extravagant personality of Justin, even though he is still a Yuehua Entertainment trainee. It has been reported that the “Star Wars Luke Skywalker” t-shirt that Justin wore in the show costs 700,000 KRW, which is around $618. The trainee wore it as pajamas in the show, and unknown to the other people in that episode, he was indeed wearing a very expensive shirt. Then there’s the plaid shirt that he wore inside the practice room, which is reported to be around 600,000 KRW, which is then again another $530. That’s surely too much of a price for a t-shirt. Another gray hoodie that Justin wore looks like one of those common hoodie jackets that you’ll find in department stores. However, it’s not that really common as it costs around a whopping 700,000 KRW. That’s a solid $618. What’s most surprising of all is the “Vetements” padded jacket which is more than a million Korean Won. Reports state that it costs around 3 million KRW or $2,647.95. It sure is a big surprise to know that all of these are worn by a K-pop trainee. Who knows where all of these would lead to? Let’s just hope that Justin will find a way to lessen his expenses as it’s really dangerous to maintain that kind of extravagance in the long run.

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