The Sims 4 Tips: Ways To Kill Your Sims And How To Save It From Death, Detailed Instructions Inside

If you are bored and you want to kill your Sims, the Fuse Joplin shared the Sims 4 tips on ways to kill your Sim and how to save it from death.

In the report of Fuse Joplin, there are lots of ways to kill your Sim and they can die by becoming old or ”due to starvation, drowning in the pool, fire, being electric shocked” and even tremendously bombarded with extreme levels of emotion.

With the choices above on ways to kill your Sim, it is still your responsibility to make sure that your Sim will not die, so save them from death to enjoy playing the game.

Furthermore, the Fuse Joplin shared the Sims 4 tips on how to save your Sims from death.

The first tip is having a death flower, it can bring back the dead back to life.

However, “crafting them requires a lot of attention and some proper ingredients.” Moreover, according to the report of the Fuse Joplin, “it is not possible to hand it to the Grim Reaper as soon as he arrives, but you have to wait for him to complete acquiring the soul.” If it is all done, an option of handing over the death flower to let your Sim live again.

The last of the Sims 4 tips on how to save your Sim is by pleading to a reaper, it will be successful if you pick or choose a Sim that has a flirty relationship with your dead avatar.

A seducing skill can change the mind of your reaper to give your life back, so try this out.

Have fun playing!    

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