The Sims 4 Tips And Tricks: Having Trouble With Your Sims? Kill It And Revive It Wait These Tips And Tricks

If you are experiencing a problem or trouble with your Sim, then try to send them on a vacation or kill them and revive their life.

You can do it by following these Sims 4 tips and tricks from the report of the Fuse Joplin.

The first one of the Sims 4 tip is not to feed your Sim, you just have to make sure that your Sim should not have any access to food.

As much as possible, put it in a place and remove all the access methods such as doors.

Another one is if your Sim has an astronaut level, you can build a space rocket to fly.

“Either you have him race with the ship, assuring that he has low rocket science skill, making him eventually crash and burn.” Lastly, you can kill your Sim by burning it alive or putting it in a situation where it is hard to escape.

You can try this Sims 4 tip where you make your low cooking skills Sim to try a very hard recipe in the oven or “assign the duty of making a fire place run, and then quickly switch to building mode and add all kinds of flammable materials on sight.” However, if the Sim is giving you too much problem and you are desperate to kill it, try this Sims 4 cheat code.

Use “sims.add_buff hunger_Starving” to make your Sim starves to death.

Feeling bad about what you’ve done to your Sim? Don’t worry, you can revive your Sim with this Sims 4 tip and trick.

The first one is upgrade the writing skill to level 10 of your Sim, have it write the Book of Life, after you finish the Bestseller Author aspiration.

Next, click the book to use Capture Epic Saga option, click the Sim you want to revive, wait for it to die and use the Summon option from the book to revive it.


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