The Sims 4, EA Released A New Feature That Allows Other Player To Acces The Gallery On A Browser

The Electronic Arts has released a new feature in the Sims 4 that allows other players to access the gallery on a browser.

In the report of Fuse Joplin, the EA disclosed a new feature on the Sims 4 will let the players to browse in gallery section the whole creations by the player.

So everything that has been created and the new additions will be added to website.

The new feature allows you to access the gallery with the internet browser of your choice, you can explore on the gallery the households, characters, designs and the world that had been created.

Also, you can browse the designed lots, room, swimming pools and other creations that will entice you to create your own stuff.

Furthermore, another interesting feature to note in the Sims 4 is that EA will let you download the creations that you like into your game.

You need to “log in to your Origins account and then select the creations that you like.” It will be downloaded on your account and will be available.

Moreover, in the report of the Fuse Joplin, EA and Maxis want the player to stay logged in to their Origin account to be able to experience the new feature in the Sims 4.

If you haven’t tried it yet, now is the best time to enjoy the new gallery service in the Sims 4 that the EA offered.

Share it to your friends as well who play the game.

Have fun playing!    

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