‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ TV Remake Is Happening As Fox Confirms Reports!

'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' TV Remake Is Happening As Fox Confirms Reports!
'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' TV Remake Is Happening As Fox Confirms Reports!

The hit musical “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is confirmed to be remade for TV.

This is after reports surfaced that Fox has officially announced the adaptation into the small screen.

According to  Deadline ,  the said musical will be have a working title of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show Event.” The show will be running for two hours and will be directed by Kenny Ortega, who is known to direct other musicals such as the hit teen movie, “High School Musical.” The list of cast members is yet to be announced, but fans are expecting it to be star-studded, as the anticipation for the remake grows more and more as time passes.

As to the plot, the source cited above also reports that the remake will be staying closely with the original musical’s story, including the score that was made possible by  Richard O’Brien.

One thing that is set to be different, however, will be the look of the characters.

While some fans think this change seems reasonable, some are protesting thru their personal social media accounts and are contesting to keep the looks of the cast’s original costumes.

They say that changing the look of the characters is similar to changing the whole set, as it alters the whole feel of the musical.

According to them, the feel is one of the things that made the musical timeless.

Changing these factors would simply ruin the spirit of the whole show.

It can be recalled that Ryan Murphy, who is the the creator of the concluded TV Series titled “Glee,” already did an adaptation of the said musical in his TV series.

The episode, which aired in the year 2010, was met with positive reviews as the cast members were viewed by fans as people who were “fit” to portray the roles in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

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