The Reason Why ‘My Little Television’ Season 1 Is Going To End In June

The Reason Why 'My Little Television' Season 1 Is Going To End In June

The Reason Why 'My Little Television' Season 1 Is Going To End In June

It has just been confirmed that the hit Korean TV show, “My Little Television” season 1, will soon be ending. This is after having a 30-month run. Reports have it that the popular TV show will be ending this coming June. “My Little Television” is one of the most revolutionary TV shows in Korean broadcasting history because it has combined the use of live internet broadcasting, with that of the regular TV broadcasts. This makes it a one of a kind TV show. And because it has been slated to end really soon, there are a lot of people who have been disappointed because of it.
According to All K-pop , “My Little Television” has premiered its pilot episode two years ago, in January 2015. It was then the New Year special pilot episode of the show. It also topped TV ratings, making it a very popular TV show for Korean families. However, its official broadcasts happened three months after, on April of 2015. The show targets young audiences because of its light-hearted and friendly nature. It is also one of the most successful Korean TV shows to be broadcast as it has garnered high ratings from the young ones, specifically from the 20 – 49 age bracket. Because of its success, it was then considered as MBC’s main variety show. It’s because of the combination of using the internet and regular TV broadcasting which made it unique from other variety TV programs. According to Soompi , “My Little Television” will be broadcasting its 100 th  episode special this coming May 28. It is also reported that there is a special line-up that will surprise the viewers on the said episode. Its final episode will be this coming June, which would then be its 101 st  episode. There are already plans of giving it a reboot, however, there is still no set date for it.

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