The Reason Behind Yoo Ah In’s Military Enlistment Delay

The Reason Behind Yoo Ah In's Military Enlistment Delay

The Reason Behind Yoo Ah In's Military Enlistment Delay

The upcoming military enlistment of Yoo Ah In has just been confirmed to be once again delayed. With this, his fans who have been worried about his impending service for the South Korean military have their worries prolonged even more. The confirmation came right after the official statement was released by UAA, the management company of Yoo Ah In. The statement was released last May 1. According to Soompi , the statement reads that a reexamination of Yoo Ah In’s case has been ordered by the Military Manpower Administration.
This is the main reason for the postponement of his supposed to be military enlistment soon. The statement further states that Yoo Ah In will be having a medical exam this coming May 22. To close the statement, UAA hopes that his fans would understand the situation and that they cannot anymore comment about it as it was all the information that they have. According to Koogle , Yoo Ah In has been very vocal about his sincere interest to enlist in the military in the soonest possible time. He even says that he wants to be assigned as an active duty soldier in the military. However, because of his medical condition, specifically his bone tumor and shoulder injury, his military enlistment has always been postponed. It really is very dangerous for him, specifically his health, if he was to enlist as an active duty soldier, as it could lead to further injuries. Fortunately, the officials have considered his situation and will give him a lighter treatment considering that he has health issues. Currently, Yoo Ah In is busy filming his drama series, “Chicago Typewriter”. Hopefully, everything turns out well for Yoo Ah In, because he sure has the guts to not only be a good entertainer in the Korean entertainment industry but also has the capability to serve his fellow citizens well, as a military enlistee.

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