The Reason Behind Jang Yong Joon Quitting ‘High School Rapper’ Revealed!

The Reason Behind Jang Yong Joon Quitting 'High School Rapper' Revealed!

The Reason Behind Jang Yong Joon Quitting 'High School Rapper' Revealed!

Just last Feb. 13, the producers of “High School Rapper” have just publicized a statement about the issue that surrounds one of its contestants, Jang Yong Joon. The statement revealed the truth behind the young kid’s personality, as well as a recently released handwritten apology written by Jang Yong Joon. Jang Yong Joon is the son of Korean politician, Jan Je Won. He appeared in the show’s first episode. Upon his appearance, he immediately gained his popularity due to his talent.
However, screenshots regarding his posts in his social media account began to spread like wildfire in the internet. In the posts, one can clearly see how he sent out rude comments about his mother. He sent it to his friend. Surprisingly, the screenshots also suggest that he might have had even solicited prostitution through the social network, Twitter. According to Soompi , Jang Yoon Joon is currently contemplating on his inner self. With it, the show sent out a statement saying that the kid chose to leave the show and that they wholeheartedly accept his decision. Fortunately, the producers of the show also stated in their letter that they will still support the boy in his future musical endeavors. According to All KPop , Jang Yong Joon also wrote an apology letter, stating that he confirms he have a lot of conflicts against his parents. He also admits that he expressed his uncontrolled emotions in a very improper way. The boy adds that he knows it will be hard for other people to forgive him, which is why all he can do now is to contemplate on his life. Unfortunately, Jang Yong Joon’s father, Jang Je Won, also sent out an apology letter that confirms his resignation from his political position.  Hopefully, things get sorted out for the young star as he got some real potential.

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