The Reason Behind EXO’s Suho Making NCT’s Johnny Cry

The Reason Behind EXO's Suho Making NCT's Johnny Cry

The Reason Behind EXO's Suho Making NCT's Johnny Cry

Two of the hottest K-pop heartthrobs, EXO’s Sehun and Suho, have just appeared on an episode for “NCT’s Night Night”. And in that episode, the two came up with a bunch of surprises, and one of it was when Johnny revealed that there was a moment when he cried because of Suho. He then continues that it was because Suho treated him harshly. Suho adds that he had been in a heart to heart talk with Johnny, and because of it, Johnny became upset, which then led to him crying.
But despite his crying, he also took the chance to show his gratitude to Suho. He later adds that Suho had done a lot of things for him, and that he is one of the reasons as to why he is experiencing success in his career now. According to All K-pop , it was because of the mixed emotions that Johnny had, which made him cry. What happened next is that Johnny shows how he appreciates all of the things that Suho has done to him. He also justifies that all of the harsh comments that Suho said to him were for his own good. He also agrees to the fact that he was still too young then, which is why he needs some guidance. Meanwhile, Suho also says that he is very proud of how Johnny’s life and career went. Suho also reveals that he already knew that the things he said to Johnny made him upset. However, it was for the good of his career and personal life. With all of these being said, one can clearly see how all the hard work and criticisms made Johnny a better person and a better K-pop icon. Indeed, a little bit of beating and hardships are important if you want to reach your dreams and have success.

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