The Real Reasons Behind Kim Sohye’s Hopes For I.O.I. Reunion

The Real Reasons Behind Kim Sohye's Hopes For I.O.I. Reunion

The Real Reasons Behind Kim Sohye's Hopes For I.O.I. Reunion

The Korean group, Ideal of Idol, or more famously known as I.O.I., had experienced massive success since it formed last 2016. Through the passing of months, it had become more popular, even reaching global fame. I.O.I., a KPop girl group was indeed the face of the Korean entertainment industry, as it shows how diverse and entertaining South Korea’s music and dance moves really are. It is also one of the most successful groups in the country as it was able to unite together 11 different KPop stars coming from different agencies.
M&H Entertainment, Pledis Entertainment, Jellyfish Entertainment, RedLine Entertainment, MBK Entertainment, Fantagio, Starship Entertainment and JYP Entertainment all united together under one cause, and brought to the world the I.O.I. According to Inquisitr , the girl group had successfully made two mini-albums, as well as two single albums. All of these were a massive hit as it reached tens of thousands of sales. “Hand in Hand”, one of the group’s singles have even sold more than a hundred thousand digital download sales. Unfortunately, I.O.I. was only made to last one full year as it was all part of a music competition variety show. Unfortunately, I.O.I disbanded just after one year. Their last concert was held on Jan. 20 to 22. Despite everything that happened, Kim Sohye, who was once a member of the group is still very optimistic that the group will meet again after five years. According to Soompi , Kim Sohye wants to pursue her dream of becoming one of the most popular Korean actresses in the industry. The reason behind this turns out to be her dream to inspire people that she was still able to bounce back even after the group’s disbanding.  Furthermore, I.O.I. also promised its fans that it would do its very best to reunite with each other again within five years, no matter the circumstances.

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