The Real Reason Behind SISTAR’s Soyou Joining ‘Law Of The Jungle’

The Real Reason Behind SISTAR's Soyou Joining 'Law Of The Jungle'

The Real Reason Behind SISTAR's Soyou Joining 'Law Of The Jungle'

Soyou of the hit K-pop girl group, SISTAR, has just been reported to be part of the crew of the hit Korean TV series, “Law of the Jungle”. Soyou has just confirmed that she will be appearing in “Law of the Jungle” that will be shot at New Zealand. According to Soompi , the staff members of the show have also confirmed that this is true last March 14. This means that Soyou will be going to New Zealand together with Lee Kyung Kyu.
This will surely be an adventurous project for Soyou, knowing that she has not been previously into reality TV shows. The staff also confirmed that there will be three destinations in the “Law of the Jungle” New Zealand episode. This is to add spice and thrill to the TV show, as well as show more about the real status of the natural environment. Meanwhile, the celebrity guest line-up will vary depending on the filming location of the show. According to All K-pop , this will be the first time of Soyou appearing in the Korean TV show, “Law of the Jungle”, which is why it would surely be a big and exciting event especially for her fans. This will also show the other side of Soyou, as she is normally seen performing. Meanwhile, her co-members in SISTAR, Bora and Dasom, have already been featured in the show. This means that she will be the third member of SISTAR to join “Law of the Jungle”. Reports say that the New Zealand episode of “Law of the Jungle” will air as soon as the Sumatra episode ends. There will surely be a lot of things to look forward to, as SISTAR’s Soyou would surely be very entertaining and interesting to watch, especially with how she will interact with the other people and with the new surroundings.

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