The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Amber Marchese So ANNOYING! [VIDEO] Too ‘Gossipy’ Prying Info From Teresa Giudice, Plays Victim WIth Cancer Card Again, And Fake Cries All RHONJ Episode

The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Amber Marchese So ANNOYING! [VIDEO] Too 'Gossipy' Prying Info From Teresa Giudice
The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Amber Marchese So ANNOYING! [VIDEO] Too 'Gossipy' Prying Info From Teresa Giudice

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    The Real Housewives Of New  Jersey  Amber Marchese has got to leave the show.

This week was another snoozer for Housewives thanks to Amber and also Nicole’s husband Reno and his nonscary  trip  to the doctor! But Amber and her husband are worse than Nicole and Reno because at least they seem to have chemistry that comes off as sincere.

Amber and her husband seem like friends that love each other, but  watching  them touch each other makes me cringe! The Housewives   franchise  headed towards the the pooper and  viewers  are one  episode  away from flushing it down.  If Season 6 episode 7 doesn’t bring the drama to  Jersey  Housewives, I’m quitting the show! This Amber Marchese health scare is incredibly made up, and even if it isn’t, we are so not invested into the new  Jersey  Housewives character that if her cancer comes back, how much can we really care for Amber? Yes, cancer sucks.

But if you barely know the person with the disease, how much can you even tune into the TV screen and sympathize with Marchese.

I found myself reaching for the DVR fast forward button on her ‘cancer scare’ scenes, and then realized I had to watch them.

NOT for moral reason, but because telling you how bad Real Housewives of New  Jersey  is becoming is my job. Amber Marchese makes a problem from a non problem when her cancer tests coming back ‘inconclusive’, and even declines the Housewives  trip  to  Florida  because she sas she’d be worrying too much.  People get ‘inconclusive’ tests all the time, mostly so hospitals can make more money.

But AMber takes this as the end of the world.

Thich chick is a little crazy and super irritating.

Surpris, surprise! Amber’s tests can back perfect.

SHe’s the girl who cried cancer! Since Amber met Teresa she’s been kissing her butt and pretending to care about her lgal issues.

Amber is more concerned with how she is portrayed then anybody elses feelings.

Amber pushes info out of Teresa, who crearly does not want to open up to anyone.

And these tow  Jersey  Housewives just met! Why is Amber so pathetic? Doesn’t she have any other friends? And Amber is officially the girl that we all know and can’t stand.

She is more worried about being portrayed as a nice girl than actually caring about Teresa.

Look, this is Real housewives of New  Jersey .

We aren’t expecting the most sincere people.

But if you don’t really care about the other Housewives, just own it and be it.

Now that would be sort of  entertaining .

Anything but those alligator tears that we see every week on RHONJ. If Amber isn’t ruining Housewives on her own, she’s got plenty of backup.

Dina is as  entertaining  as dishtowel.

Watching her sunbath made me fall asleep.

And last week onRHONJ, she says farewell to her assistant.

Dina’s biggest storyline on RHONJ is driving her assistant to the airport.

Yawn. Nicole and Amber look like sluts in their bikinis and whine about this new dull rumor that is either made or or nobody really cares about.

And last week her husband had a colonoscopy.

Double yawn and a little vomit.  Getting a checkup is not drama.

It’s a standard procedure that I don’t want to watch in real life or  TV ! And if bravo thinks that a colonoscopy or Santagate is  entertaining , the Real Housewives if New Jersey is in worse shape than I thought.

As for Teresa Giudice, Bravo is trying to portray her  daughter  as some kind of genius to figure out her parents’ legal situation.

Um, she’s no baby and this isn’t rocket science.

The situation is in the news, on  TV , in articles (like mine) splashed  online , etc.

How could the Real Housewives of New Jersey cub not catch on? Melissa Gorga…I cannot remember one single Housewives scene with her.

And I watched the Jersey Housewives episode  twice! Melissa is the dullest person on Real Housewives of New jersey and could be the lamest lady to ever hit the Housewives  franchise . The return of Jacqueline Laurita to RHONJ…snore.

Why is she here? To make sure I fall asleep? The only slightly redeeming quality about RHONJ is watching the friendship between Dina and Teresa.

They have a deep love and respect for each other that the biggest reality TV skeptic can’t deny.

Dina calls Amber ‘gossipy’ when trying to pry info out of her friend.

When Tre turns down her  trip to  Florida , Dina is not angry, not judgmental, and certainly gives her friend nothing but support for whatever decision Teresa makes.

Santagate cannot end well in Florida…but who really cares.

It’s all just a cheap ploy to help failing Housewives ratings.

And the return of Jacqueling Laurita is even more pathetic than Amber and the twins.

SHe has no storyline adn will just cry about Teresa for the rest of the season.


What did you think about the Real Housewives of New Jersey this week?    

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