‘The Perfect Insider’ Anime Episode 4 Review: Everything Is F

'The Perfect Insider' Anime Episode 4 Review: Everything Is F

'The Perfect Insider' Anime Episode 4 Review: Everything Is F

Admittedly, Freud would have a field day with the characters in “The Perfect Insider,” as they all seem to have strange relationships with either their childhood, their parents, or that which is thought to be representative of innocence.

But according to Magata, “everything is F” anyway.
This week’s episode is definitely mindful of the sense of what is permanent and final in an atmosphere of childhood trauma. While it is not that shocking that Magata appears to suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personalities left the DSM a couple editions ago), it is interesting to watch other people in “The Perfect Insider” reconcile with the fact that Magata is not a reliable source. How can you be sure of her writings and research, when you’re not sure which version of Magata you’re talking to?
Uncertainty is always great for a mystery, and its expert level character work to have Nishinosono and Saikawa be forced to deal with personality uncertainty in order to understand the mystery of her death. This only adds more layers to their relationship dynamic, which is slowly becoming my favorite thing about “The Perfect Insider.”
Speaking of different versions, the theme this week definitely appears to be things that have a false element to them. While Magata’s doll metaphor is pretty standard for the genre, it is interesting that there is also the element of false humanism in regards to the security system and the robots running the place.
That is to say, I’ll be really impressed with “The Perfect Insider” by the end of this series if it can offer some philosophical discussion about what it means to be human through Nishinosono, Saikawa, Magata, and the machines that have been running the island since the beginning.
Overall, this week’s episode is more mystery elements injected with still very excellent character driven plotting. While not much action or location change happens, there was still a ton of conflict to keep things interesting.

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