‘The Mentalist’ Season 7 Cast Simon Baker Goes Casual During Stroll In LA; Show’s Spoilers Reveal Face Off Between Patrick Jane And Agent Pike

“The Mentalist” season 7 cast Simon Baker went casual during a recent stroll in Los Angeles as the show’s spoilers hint of a face off between Patrick Jane and Agent Pike.

In photos from MailOnline , “The Mentalist” season 7 cast Simon Baker was snapped walking with a friend in LA last Friday.

“Simon carried a brown bag and was dressed casually for the outing in a blue T-shirt, jeans, sneakers and sunglasses,” it said.

“The 45-year-old’s six-pack was visible through the flimsy fabric of his T-shirt in one shot with the actor no doubt contemplating his next career move.” Later, Simon Baker was seen driving off with his classic white 1964 Ambassador 990, this time alone.

According to the “The Mentalist” season 7 spoilers from TVLine , Patrick Jane and Agent Pike will have some sort of confrontation, or at least a tense conversation, based on the still photos released by the network.

“In the final season opener – which airs Sunday, Nov.

30 at 9:30 ET/9 pm PT and is set two weeks after the Season 6 finale, in which Jane and Lisbon professed their love for each other – it appears Jane has some ‘splaining to do to FBI Agent Marcus Pike, whom Lisbon was poised to relocate to D.C.

with,” TVLine’s “The Mentalist” season 7 spoilers.

It must be recalled that Teresa Lisbon almost went with Agent Pike because she got tired of waiting on Patrick Jane to express his love for her.

Meanwhile, “The Mentalist” season 7 cast Simon Baker told Inquirer  that he’s had episodes in the past when he was about finished playing ther character of Patrick Jane.

“Then I reestablished pleasure in playing the character.

I’m enjoying playing the character now but, creatively, I’m a nomadic character and person.

When I started acting, I moved, shifted and took on new challenges,” he said.

“This is the longest I’ve ever been in one place and the longest I’ve ever played a character.”

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