“The Legend of the Blue Sea” Episode 1 recap

The Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 1 recap

Many fans all over the globe anticipated this week as “The Legend of the Blue Sea”  premiered with two episodes last Wednesday and Thursday. Both episodes recorded the highest ratings according to the report released by AGB Nielsen Korea. So what made people tune in and watch this SBS’ new 20-episode series ? Here’s a summary of what happened on the premiere episode of this drama starring none other than a powerhouse cast led by “The Heirs” actor Lee Min Ho and “My Love from the Stars” actress Jun Ji Hyun.

The episode started off with scenes from August 1598 where the land of Ganghwando was hit by a terrible disaster. Large waves visited their shores and several fishermen and villagers were affected. Then the scene transitioned to a brighter day. People were seen surprised as they saw the aftermath of the disaster. Apparently it was not a disaster after all as several fishes, shells, and other sea creatures were driven towards the shores causing the happiness of the fishermen nearby. Then, they discovered that not only sea foods were brought to their shores but also a mermaid. Mermaids in the early times were believed to bring good luck and the news of having one in the area spread faster than a wildfire. This even reached one of the town heads played by Lee Min Ho . When he visited the land where the mermaid was kept, he then learned that there was a bad plan awaiting the mermaid so he then tried to bargain with Ganghwando’s head and the mermaid was set free. The series fast forwarded to 2016 where Lee Min Ho was reincarnated to a conman who can get anything with his power of hypnosis using his lighter. How good is he in deceiving others? Well, he just made a woman buy him a villa in Greece. Apart from his deceptive skills, the episode also showed some cameos including f(x)’s Krystal who played as a flight attendant who was also deceived by Min Ho. Fans can actually recall that Krystal and Min Ho were together in ‘Heirs’ and most of them were in glee seeing them together again in this new series. Finally, the two main characters met once again in a very comedic way. Ji Hyun’s character, Sim Chung, learned that she can actually have a set of feet when she’s on land. She’s so fascinated by her legs and walked her way around the coast until she found Min Ho’s villa. The two met while Min Ho discovered that someone broke in his villa after seeing a trail of messy garbage left across his room. He was even more furious when he learned that Sim Chung wore his favorite hoodie. Min Ho even got frustrated as he kept on interrogating Sim Chung but never had any answer from her. He then thought if Sim Chung is a Chinese or Japanese but he then let out the catchphrase, “no, you got the feel of a Korean”. Being a conman, Min Ho’s character noticed the jade cuff worn by Sim Chung and he got interested and asked a friend whether his instincts are true about the jewelry. Then, he turned over Sim Chung to the policemen. Things in the prison got pretty crazy as Sim Chung was interrogated. Because she can’t speak, the policemen just got frustrated. Sim Chung even got fascinated by the idea of pulling off tissues which even drove the policemen angrier. After learning that the jade cuff worn by Sim Chung was legit, Min Ho drove off to the prison to bail her out. And of course, he did it with his hypnosis. Min Ho tried his best to deceive Sim Chung. He bought her expensive clothes, shoes, and foods but as a newbie in this world, Sim Chung didn’t fail to amaze Min Ho in a very hilarious way. The episode ended with Min Ho getting the jade cuff and eventually leaving Sim Chung in the mall all alone. The next episode’s teaser showed some hints that he actually went back for her and fans can’t surely wait to see what will happen next. Catch ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’ every Wednesday and Thursday night on SBS.

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