‘The Last Witch Hunter’ Cast Elijah Wood Speaks Up About Role; Hates Portraying A Priest?

'The Last Witch Hunter' Cast Elijah Wood Speaks Up About Role; Hates Portraying A Priest?

'The Last Witch Hunter' Cast Elijah Wood Speaks Up About Role; Hates Portraying A Priest?

News about the cast of the movie “The Last Witch Hunter” has been making the rounds on the internet, spcifically because of the interviews they are doing with the press.
Elijah Wood, who is part of the actors in the film, has spoken with Screenrant  recently and revealed his thoughts about the role that was given to him.

When asked whether he has been wanting to get the role of a priest, Wood responded with a no.
“[Laughter] No, I did not have a hidden desire to play a priest,” he said. “Although, I’m a big fan of ‘The Exorcist'”
After that, he was asked by the source cited above about what he thought of his return to the big screen.
“It’s fun,” the “The Last Witch Hunter” cast member stated. “I mean, I’ve had little dalliances into that world since ‘Rings.’ Certainly going back and doing a little bit on ‘The Hobbit.’ Miss it? Yeah, I suppose. It’s fun.”
“It’s certainly fun to work on that scale,” Wood added. “When you’ve got the kind of budget that can build you giant sets. There’s something that makes you regress to a child a little bit. Placing yourself into the fantastical realm with all of this incredible detail around you is really fun.”
As known to his fans, Elijah Wood has been more visible in side projects lately, including some TV series like “Wilfred.”
Meanwhile, director Breck Eisner talked about the limited budget they had for the movie in an interview with Coming Soon .
“One of the challenges of the movie is certainly that we didn’t have the budget of a Marvel movie or a ‘Fast and Furious’ movie, if you will,” Eisner said. “I mean, we had a healthy budget for a unique idea and I was so happy to have it, and I want to try and create a world that feels immersive and feels whole and complete.”
He added how they would focus on visual effects on-set rather than relying everything on post-editing.
“The way to do that is through on-set production as well as on-set visual effects as well as post digital effects,” he said. “I think the effects are best done in this day and age when you combine all three, when you have as much on set as possible and it augments what’s there with the digital elements, rather than leave everything to post.”

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