The I/O Jeans Features A Pocket That Help Prevent Bending Of Your Super-Sized Devices!

Following reports based on the independent testing by the US non-profit Consumer, fears of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus bending in trouser pockets are probably over-blown.

As some of the iPhone users have reported that their devices are bending when stored in their pants pockets, a team of two entrepreneurs have designed exclusive jeans with a concealed phone holster in the seam.

Designed to be almost invisible, the I/O Denim Jeans’ pocket enables you to pull your phone out of your pocket with ease and at the same time, they prevent phones from bending as the phone sits on the side of your thigh instead of front or back.

It can be compared to a marsupial pouch which is rotated 90 degrees to the left.

The pockets were born when I/O Denim CEO Anand Venkatrao nearly crashed his car as he was digging out his iPhone 4 while driving around Texas making sales calls.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the patent pending pants made in America are built exclusively for the iPhone 6 Plus.

He said, “I’d try to get my phone out of my pocket, struggle to get the phone out of my pocket, and almost hit the car in front of me,” he added, “We wanted to make it so the pocket was easily accessible when standing or sitting.” The pockets were originally designed to handle standard sized smartphones; however, there are plans for bigger pockets to be designed as phone sizes have increased.

When Galaxy’s Note came out, Venkatrao and his sister, Gitanjali realized that they’d have to design pockets for supersized smartphones as well.

Pants like Carhartts and Kuhls too have phone pockets but those are external pockets and some owners of larger phones have reported that their larger phones no longer fir in their pants.

Apple reported a whopping sale of 10 million of their new larger phones and has made the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus bending reports appear less important.

Venkat Rao said, “With our pocket, you don’t put any pressure on it, as it is located on the side of your leg.

The phone in that location doesn’t receive as much pressure when the phone is in a front or back pocket, which causes it to bend,” he added, “I just got the iPhone 6 regular, and it fits great.” Several clothing companies have denied redesigning their pants to accommodate the larger smartphones.

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