‘The Good Wife’ Season 7 Is No Goode [SPOILERS]: Less Finn Polmar, More ‘Downton Abbey’ Season 6 As Henry Talbot

'The Good Wife' Season 7 Is No Goode [SPOILERS]: Less Finn Polmar
'The Good Wife' Season 7 Is No Goode [SPOILERS]: Less Finn Polmar

As “The Good Wife” takes a hiatus before season 7, spoilers have surfaced confirming that Alicia’s romantic prospects are once again down for the count.

First reported by TVLine , it’s been confirmed that actor Matthew Goode will not return to “The Good Wife” season 7 as a series regular.

Although “there’s a chance Goode could make a guest appearance or two,” romantic storyline between Alicia and Finn is unlikely to occur.

After starring in the “Downton Abbey” Christmas episode, spoilers confirm that “Downton Abbey” producers are interested in bringing Matthew Goode back, especially since he will reportedly be playing a love interest for Lady Mary.

Goode’s semi-departure will quickly follow Archie Panjabi’s departure from “The Good Wife” as Kalinda, an exit that was mired in controversy.

On May 11, actor Matt Czuchry hosted an  AMA on reddit , and fans got to ask the actor questioned related to his work, particularly on “The Good Wife.” And of course, he was asked the question fans wanted to know the most-what happened between Julianna Margulies and Archie Panjabi? “The one question everyone wants answered, and the one we know he won’t-can’t-answer,” wrote ThisDerpForSale during the AMA.

During the reddit AMA, observers alleged that while Matt Czuchry had positives to say about Margulies, his response was icier compared to his compliment for the other cast members.

“I might be reading too much into this, but this does not sound like a rousing endorsement of her as a person,” said Grooviemann1 in response to Czuchry calling Julianna “incredibly prepared as an actress.” “It’ll certainly add more fuel to the fire that Margulies is the reason that she and Panjabi can’t share a screen on ‘The Good Wife,'” added Caseyfla.


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