‘The Good Wife’ Season 7 Filled With Disbarment, Conflict Among Lawyers And Romance

‘The Good Wife’ Season 7 Filled With Disbarment

‘The Good Wife’ Season 7 Filled With Disbarment, Conflict Among Lawyers And Romance

“The Good Wife” season 7 is set to ignite further interest from its viewers as new and previous cast members are joining the new season.

TV Line  reported former “Ugly Betty” star and singer Vanessa Williams is going to play a love interest for Alan Cumming’s character Eli Gold.
According to the actor, the “Colors of the Wind” singer is expected to appear in a number of episodes.
Meanwhile, CBS revealed that the 52-year-old “Save the Best for Last” singer will play Courtney Bolt, “an extremely successful, self-made businesswoman who is potentially interested in backing Peter Florrick’s (Chris Noth) campaign for President.”
“In the process, she meets Eli, sparking a mutual attraction,” the network added in describing Williams’ character in “The Good Wife” season 7.
The series’ executive producers Robert and Michelle King said Cumming and Williams are “at the top of the list” when it comes to the best artists who can make the audience laugh when paired.
“There are very few names you can put side-by-side that make you laugh,” they stated in unison. “We couldn’t be more excited.”
In the meantime, CBS Denver  shared that more names will be part of “The Good Wife” season 7 to bring “a new path in life for Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies).”
“Alicia needs to make some money and no law firm will hire her,” Margulies said as she narrated about her character. “So in the premiere you see her go to bond court, which a lot of lawyers look down on because it’s a very tough job and it’s sort of where people go who can’t get into law firms.”
Now being in the legal world, Alicia will eventually meet a fellow lawyer, Lucca Quinn (Cush Jumbo), whom she will compete with for clients at the start.
However, Lucca will eventually realize in certain episodes that they can be best buddies.
“Lucca’s slowly realizes that she’s struggling and the two of them really bond,” Jumbo quipped about her role in “The Good Wife” season 7. “She has this incredible ease about her.”
Another character that any viewer must look forward to is Jason Crouse (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), a former lawyer who was imprisoned because of beating a judge.
“He’s been disbarred and becomes an investigator and begins working with Alicia,” he disclosed.
Catch the premiere of “The Good Wife” season 7 on Oct. 4.

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