The Following Season 3 Spoilers: Ryan Hardy Returns To Being An ‘Amazing Profiler;’ Cast Kevin Bacon Rakes In Huge Pay For Speaking Engagement;

“The Following” season 3 spoilers show that Ryan Hardy will go back to his roots, as cast Kevin Bacon rakes in huge paycheck in a speaking engagement.

Executive producer Jennifer Johnson teased “The Following” season 3 spoilers to Buddy TV  when she said that fans would find the Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) that they know and love.

“Ryan is a profiler [and] we’re gonna bring back his profiling skills and really see that lead to some answers that we are looking for,” she said.

“So we’ll see that more of him, that kind of superpower that he has.” The executive producer added “The Following” season 3 spoilers as she said that New York will play into the who mood this season more than the previous seasons.

In the premiere episode, the whole city will be on a lockdown and that pushes Ryan into an overdrive, because of that looming threat.

Meanwhile, “The Following” season 3 cast earned about $70,000 in a speaking engagement at the University of South Florida last April.

According to Bloomberg  this has become a trend in some campuses, inviting celebrities and well-known personalities to speak on stage for a fee.

In Kevin Bacon’s case, he talked basically about anyting under the sun, including the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” which is a game that attempts to link any celebrity with Kevin Bacon in six guesses.

“From California to New York, public universities routinely pay fees that exceed four years of tuition for speeches that last little more than an hour,” Bloomberg said.

“The practice drew scrutiny after University of Nevada at Las Vegas students protested Hillary Clinton’s $225,000 honorarium in June.” The article noted that schools in Florida have paid more than $2 million for celebrities and personalities, including $63,200 for Larry King, $65,000 for US Rep.

Ron Paul and comedian Sarah Silverman, meanwhile, got $50,000.

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