‘The Flash’ TV Series Rumors: Flash To Form Own Justice League Team With The Arrow, Black Canary, Katana, Firestorm, And Atom?

‘The Flash’ TV Series Rumors: Flash To Form Own Justice League Team With The Arrow
‘The Flash’ TV Series Rumors: Flash To Form Own Justice League Team With The Arrow

It seems like DC does not only want to win big in the movie screens but in television as well.

“Arrow” and “The Flash” has been successful since its debut and to generate more hype, it seems like a six-man team-up is imminent.

According to comicbook.com , since DC comic’s film and TV universe will never meet eye to eye, “Arrow” and “The Flash” Producer Andrew Kreisberg is carefully selecting superheroes that will be exclusive to the TV universe.

“There really aren’t that many characters that we’ve asked to use, that we haven’t gotten access to,” said Kreisberg.

“Fortunately for us, with Arrow, we were able to bring on Deathstroke and The Huntress, and this year we have Katana.

It was actually DC comics’ idea for us to use Ray Palmer/The Atom.

On The Flash, with Geoff Johns, our partner, we’ve carved out this whole world of characters that we have access to.” He continued, “There are the big ones that fit into the Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman mythos, but since we’re not using those characters, their subsidiary characters don’t really feel necessary to us.

We never feel like we’re confined.

We’re more impressed that we get to play with as many characters as we do.

By the end of this season, on both shows, we’ll have Green Arrow, Black Canary, Katana, The Atom, Firestorm and The Flash.

We’ve got a pretty good chunk of the Justice League, on both shows.

We never look at ourselves as limited.” Also, it seems like The Atom has found a new home in “The Flash” TV series.

According to Screen Rant , executive producer Marc Guggenheim teased the possibility.

“I think anything is possible.

My instinct is that if Ray Palmer’s going to shrink, he’ll probably shrink on another show,” he said.

“With The Flash in existence, there’s no real compelling reason for us to do super powers on Arrow.

We can bring characters to Flash to have super powers.

We have plans for Ray that don’t involve shrinking, but our plans for Ray are actually really cool,” he added. 

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