‘The Flash’ Movie Cast: Ezra Miller Is First ‘Queer’ Superhero Lead Actor On The Big Screen! Will ‘Fastest Man Alive’ Role Be Rewritten? CW ‘Flash’ Grant Gustin Also Rumored To Be Gay?

“The Flash” movie was a big surprise in itself but it also broke new ground for Warner Bros.

and the super hero movie sector itself.

Ezra Miller, the actor in the title role would be the first openly gay thespian to take on a superhero title role.

While other movie genres have accepted the LGBT actors, the superhero movie would admittedly be the last frontier.

One of the reasons is that the characters are already well-known and the fans might not be able to separate the character from the actor.

The Flash is already a well loved character on TV via the CW series.

Ironically, its lead actor, Grant Gustin was also rumored to be gay.

He shares with Zap2it: “I played sports and I tap danced, but I was different than the other guys when I was in school.

I didn’t hang out with them.

I didn’t do the sports thing.

I was ‘gay-bashed’ when I was in school even though, you know, I’m not.

I’m a straight guy that just happens to be what I do.

So, it’s easily relatable to me.

It was awful.

It’s a hard time in a kid’s life.

I just listened to the song ‘Creep’ today by Radiohead and it makes me think about it.” Have the times changed and it is now more acceptable? He continued, “We have a generation right now where people are deciding it’s okay to be themselves, and there’s still some people out there that are scared of it.

We’re coming into an era where I think it’s going to be, whatever it is, it’s going to be more accepted.” Warner Bros.

is hoping that the super hero fans would be ready to accept Miller who admitted that he was ‘queer’ in 2012 through Out Magazine .

 “I’m queer.

I have a lot of really wonderful friends who are of very different sexes and genders.

I am very much in love with no one in particular.” The question now is whether they will portray the character as such.

There is still time (The Flash is scheduled for 2018) for the community to accept that, if Warner would take the challenge.


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