‘The Flash’ Movie 2018 Cast: Stephen Amell Blasted Ezra Miller Casting? Should Grant Gustin Play ‘The Fastest Man Alive’ In The Film? CW Heroes Not Part Of Film Universe!

“The Flash” solo movie was announced and the announcement came right on the heels of an episode of the “The Flash” TV show in CW starring Grant Gustin.

Fellow CW lead actor Stephen Amell did not appreciate Warner’s sense of timing (or lack thereof).

He spoke in AMC Movie Talk: “I thought that the way Warner Bros.

announced the slate of DC movies could have been handled better,” The root of his beef is that the day after the second episode of Flash’s freshman season aired, Warner Bros.

announced the movie roster which will stretch all the way to 2020 and it included “The Flash” solo movie in 2018.

That announcement had the surprising news that “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” star Ezra Miller will play the role of “The Fastest Man Alive” in the film.

For clarification, Amell was not upset over the selection of Miller.

It has been clearly explained that the CW “universe” on TV is separate from the DC Universe that Warner Bros.

is building on the big screen.

He just felt like Warner could have been more considerate: “I think someone like Grant Gustin, who has just launched an iconic character like Flash, to record breaking numbers …

should have been given a wider berth than two episodes before another actor was announced to play his character.

I thought it was sh**ty that all of this stuff got announced the morning that the ratings – the spectacular ratings – of the second episode of the Flash came in.” There was also a negative reaction among the fans.

Some of them did complain about the casting choice while others thought that Gustin and the show was disrespected.

In the end, Amell admits that it is something beyond his control: “All that being said, everyone wants to judge things immediately.

The plan that Warner Bros.

[and DC have] – and it’s a wonderful plan overall – for the introduction of the Justice League of America and all these standalone films is going to take place over 5, 6, 7 years.

Who’s to say what’s going to happen?” Most CW fans feel left out in the decision to leave their heroes out of the movies.

They lament that rival Marvel has successfully merged their TV show, “Agents of SHIELD” with their established Cinematic Universe.

Why can’t Warner do the same?      

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