‘The Fappening’ Part 3? More Leaked Celebrity Photos Of Jennifer Lawrence, Anna Kendrick, Cara Delevingne, Misty May Treanor and Alexandra Chando Suface On Reddit And 4chan

The nude celebrity photo hacking scandal that has swept Hollywood just will not end.

More photos began surfacing on Reddit and 4chan Friday and continued through Saturday.

The latest crop of victims includes Cara Delevinge, Anna Kendrick, Misty May Traenor, Alexandra Chando, and once again, Jennifer Lawrence.

The Daily Beast reports that the alleged celebrity photos include 55 more purportedly depicting Lawrence, who was one of the first victims when the leaks began weeks ago.

There are 87 alleged photos of Kendrick, but they are unique in that she is clothed in all of them.

They do, however appear to be of private photos, and show her in revealing outfits.

None of the latest crop of victims has commented so far, except of course Lawrence, who spoke out when after the first round of leaks, condemning the hacking and vowing to take legal action against anyone who publishes the photos.

The second round of leaks began just last weekend, and claimed victims including Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Hayden Panettiere, Gabrielle Union, Hope Solo and more.

Both Union and Solo released statements condemning the invasion of privacy, Union referring to the hackings as hate crimes.

These leaks were followed by a hoax in which a website popped up claiming to have nude photos of Emma Watson that would be released on Wednesday, seemingly in retaliation for the speech she delivered to the UN on gender equality.

Those photos turned out not to exist, the site was actually created by dubious marketing firm Rantic, who claimed their goal was to get 4chan shut down.

The FBI has been investigating the hackings, and says the have been working with Apple to improve the security of their iCloud storage system – from which most of the photos were apparently obtained.

The company has claimed that hackers obtained the photos by accessing celebrities’ accounts individually using their user names, passwords and security questions, and not through any system-wide attack. 

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