‘The Blonde Salad’ Blogger Chiara Ferragni Has A Seven-Digit Earning? CNN Reveals How Much The 27-Year-Old Gets From Her Fashion Stories

While some might think that blogging cannot pay the bills, The Blonde Salad  blogger Chiara Ferragni proves otherwise.

Last September 30, CNN created a profile for Ferragni which revealed her seven-digit earnings.

The 27-year-old, who hails from Italy, is deemed as one of the world’s renowned fashion and lifestyle bloggers.

She launched her website in October 2009 while studying law in Milan.

According to the publication, The Blonde Salad blogger Chiara Ferragni approximately makes $7.5 million dollars annually.

Apart from website advertisements, her earnings can also be credited to her own line of shoes.

The Blonde Salad  reportedly gets over 5 million hits each month.

Ferragni’s social media sites also echo the fame of her website.

Her Instagram alone has 2.8 million followers.

In an interview with The Business of Fashion , the blonde beauty revealed how her blog came to realization: “I was already very obsessed with taking photos and I started following some American fashion blogs during summer 2009.

Then I started to realise that having my own personal space would be something more powerful than publishing photos on other social media platforms.” She similarly talked about how timing contributed to her website’s success: “In Europe, in Italy, nobody was doing it at the time, so I just [went] for it and it was probably the perfect timing because, internationally, journalists were starting to talk about the fashion blogger phenomenon and who they were, why they were being invited to shows, why they were collaborating with brands, and so there was huge attention [focused on me and my blog] too.”

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