‘The Blacklist’ Season 2 Spoilers: Cast Megan Boone Dimisses Liz And Ressler Romance; James Spader’s Red Reddington Deals With Luther Braxton

Actress Megan Boone really dished on “The Blacklist” season 2 spoilers as she dismissed a developing romance between her character, Liz, and Ressler.

Meanwhile, James Spader’s Red Reddington will deal with a new villain in Luther Braxton.

In an interview with Capitol Magazine , she said that the connection between Liz and Ressler is limited to “just a bond, like a partner bond.” “The producing director of our show is a military man, so he really brings a lot of insight on how soldiers bond during times like that.

He helps us understand that brotherhood and play it out in little ways throughout the scenes,” she said.

Megan Boone also teased more “The Blacklist” season 2 spoilers in the same article as she said that “there’s a big secret that’s going to be revealed about Elizabeth Keen; she has a source for information and that source is going to be revealed.” “Also, you will see we’re going to have everything disbanded by the end of the season.

I think we’re going to lose the structure of the tactical unit being a unit, but I say that with hesitance.

Not because it’s too big of a spoiler, but because it’s subject to change; our writers are so responsive to social media,” she added more “The Blacklist” season 2 spooilers.

In a related development, “Sons of Anarchy” star Ron Perlman has signed on to appear in the second season of “The Blacklist,” and will match wits with Red Reddington.

According to the “The Blacklist” season 2 spoilers from Cinema Blend : “Perlman is set to play bad guy Luther Braxton, a thief who crosses paths with lead Red Reddington and the FBI team Reddington made a deal with.


Braxton is known internationally for stealing, and he’s also known for the meticulous and elaborate plans he puts together in order to get what he wants.

He’s a man who is into ‘diversions’ and ‘chaos,’ and he’ll undoubtedly bring both to the series when he pops up for a guest stint.”

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