‘The Ballad Of Richard Jewell’ Movie Adaptation Will Be Helmed By ‘Bourne’ Director Paul Greengrass; Leonardo DiCaprio & Jonah Hill Team Up Again!

“American Nightmare: The Ballad of Richard Jewell” movie adaptation has cast “The Wolf of Wall Street” actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill in a story about the 1996 Olympics bombing in Atlanta.

It has been reported by Deadline  that renowned “Bourne Ultimatum” director Paul Greengrass is in talks to direct the adaptation, while Billy Ray, who wrote the script for Greengrass’ “Captain Phillips” is reportedly on board to pen the plot.

Fox has won the rights to Marie Brenner’s 1997 Vanity Fair article “American Nightmare: The Ballad Of Richard Jewell,” to which Jonah Hill will play the lead role.

The Oscar nominated actors will be working on the script to be written by “Captain Phillips” screenwriter Billy Ray based on Marie Brenner’s article in Vanity Fair and “Bourne Ultimatum” director Paul Greengrass.

Jewell was the security guard who discovered and reported the suspicious backpack in the compound where the 1996 Atlanta Olympics was held.

Jewell, to be played by Jonah Hill was initially acknowledged a hero for his deeds that include helping clear the bystanders before the bomb exploded.

Unfortunately, he was pointed as a potential suspect three days after the incident.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill’s co-star in “The Wolf of Wall Street” comes to the picture to play a lawyer, whom Jewell knew casually to guide him through the dilemma that the media has gotten him into.

DiCaprio, plays the Southern attorney who is known for working in the real estate, but played a vital role in helping out Hill’s character (Richard Jewell) to get back on his feet, after his name was dragged in the controversial Olympics bombing.

While, Jewell was considered a suspect, the police and the media was on him “like piranha on a bleeding cow,” as he described.

He was then exonerated following Eric Robert Rudolph, an anti-abortion, anti-gay terrorist confessed to the bombing, who killed one person and injured dozens more.

Jewell, who will be played by Jonah Hill in the movie adaptation of “American Nightmare: The Ballad of Richard Jewell,” was a former sheriff’s deputy who moved on with his mother to care for her and tool a security job, which he thought would be a good impression for his ambition to become a cop, but in a sudden turn of events was depicted as a 34-year-old loser who lived under his mother’s roof.

Even the Atlanta Journal Constitution has accused Jewell of fitting the profile of a lone bomber, which lead to thousands of reporters decamping outside of his home, where the FBI tore apart to look for evidence.

Tom Brokaw of NBC even reported that the feds may have probably had enough evidence to arrest Jewell, but not enough to convict him.

Jay Leno, has turned Jewell into a nightly joke on his “The Tonight Show,” insulting him and ridiculing him for his weight.

Even, CNN made their assertion by putting the former police officer to the crime scene before the explosion happened.

However, Richard Jewell, went on to file a lawsuit against NBC and CNN networks for their unjustifiable actions, while the FBI and other government agencies were forced to apologies to him.

Jewell died in 2007 from complications related to his weight problems.

“American Nightmare: The Ballad of Richard Jewell” movie adaptation will be under 20th Century Fox, with Leonardo DiCaprio on board as a producer.

No release date yet however, with Century Fox hiring Billy Ray it is most certainly that the movie is top priority for the studio.

Do you think “Bourne Ultimatum” director Paul Greengrass can do justice to the story of Richard Jewell? Sound off in the comments section below.

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