Thanksgiving Snowstorm: Winter Storm Cato Expected To Hit The Northeast And Mid Atlantic; Travel Conditions Are Looking Grim For The Holidays [PHOTO]

A Thanksgiving snowstorm is predicted for the upcoming holiday, and is expected to deliver a messy mix of ice, snow, and rain to the regions of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic United States.

The winter storm has been named Cato, and is unfortunately expected to create quite a travel nightmare.

The Thanksgiving holiday is one of the busiest holidays for travelers – according to , an estimated 41.3 million travelers are expected to hit the nation’s highways for the holiday weekend.

Meteorologist Matt Sitkowski says this doesn’t bode well due to the coming storm – according to USA Today , he stated, “This will be a significant East Coast storm with major impacts to air and road travel Wednesday.” Many airlines are doing their best to take this into account.

American Airlines expects to host 2.27 million air travelers on Wednesday, and has reported that American, Delta, and United airlines are already waiving rebooking fees to at least some cities that are expected to be in the storm’s path.

Now for the weather forecast itself – currently, as much as a foot of snow is expected to fall in the mid-Atlantic, and more than a foot could fall in parts of New England. meteorologist Linda Lam reports, “If possible, avoid traveling on Wednesday from the mid-Atlantic to New England.

The worst weather conditions will be from early Wednesday morning to early Wednesday evening in the DC and Philadelphia area…

 Farther north, conditions will deteriorate mid- to late-morning in New York and Boston, and the worst of the rain and snow will continue into Wednesday night (about 8 p.m.

in New York and midnight in Boston).” For those who are planning to make the drive anyway, the roads will be quite tough.

USA Today reports that roads to the north and west of I-95 will be especially hard hit.

However, travel conditions will improve on Thanksgiving Day in the northeast.

Some roads will still be snow-covered, but the worst will be over late Wednesday night.


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