Terrible Mothers Day Gifts: What Not To Get Your Mom On Her Special Day

Picking out mothers day gifts takes some precaution too.

Sometimes, the sincere desire to appreciate the person who brought you to this world may not be enough to avoid some serious Mothers Day gifts disasters.

In less than 24 hours, the nation will celebrate the most important day for moms, so according to Huffington Post, when picking out the right gift for your mom this Mothers Day, it might make sense to choose by the process of elimination.

So instead of highlighting the best gifts for moms this mothers day, which Hallmark and a slew of other stores (and their algorithms) would do for you, we look at the Huffington Post’s worst gifts review.

Their choices for what not to buy mom ranged from the demanding, like a crying baby handed off to grandma, to the borderline insulting like self-help books, and the downright silly.

Regarding the latter, the editors of the online news site said that if you plan on giving your mom or partner gift wrapped in Christmas paper, then you need to rethink your strategy fast! The editors final word on the subject is to never gift your mom a vacuum.

Unless it comes with a Tiffany’s gift certificate or something like that, never give out a vacuum as a gift.

Brie Dyas of HuffPost said, “She gave you life; the least you can do is give her something a little bit nicer than what you’d find in the domestic aisle at Walmart.” The following are also some ridiculous gifts you should never attempt to give your mom on Mothers Day.

1. Kitchen appliances 2. Signs or posters with backhanded compliments 3. Self-help books on parenting and the like 4. Another body to feed and clean up after…like a pet! 5. Her name embroidered on a hat 6. Jewelry that’s too big or actually causes sounds to wear 7. Anything that would remind her of youthful looks 8. Gifts that would hint she’s out-of-shape like a workout video (i.e., Jane Fonda materials and all) 9. Flip-flops (remember, women go for shoes) 

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