Temple Run 2 Tips: The Power Of Power Ups, Use Them To Get A High Score! Detailed Instructions Inside

Playing the Temple Run 2 is not easy, most especially if you are targeting to get the goal and to be succeeded by having a good high score.

It needs tips and tricks to be able to get your dream score.

Since having a power ups can get you achieve the score you want, here are the Temple Run 2 tips according to the report of The Rem with regards to the power of power ups for you to win the game.

The first Temple Run 2 tips you should learn is the boost power up, this allows your character to rush all obstacles, but remember your character is not in your control.

The said power up can be upgrade longer, the first level you can go to 250 meters, level 2 to 375 meters, level 3 to 500 meters, level 4 to 625 meters and level 5 to 750 meters.

Another Temple Run 2 tip that must know is about the coin magnet.

It is useful especially if you need more coins.

It helps you pull the coins to yourself when you are running, just upgrade it to last longer.

Furthermore, if there is an upcoming obstacles and you don’t know what to do, use the invincibility power up.

The said power up can let you run through an obstacle.

If you are not satisfied, you can also use the shield, it will protect your character in facing obstacles without stumbling.

The last tip is about the mega coin and jewel, since it puts a big amount of coins better upgrade it so it will last longer.

Also the said power up is not applicable on the air so you need to jump to get one.

A jewels helps you to bring your dead character back to life.


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