‘Tekken 7’ VR Is Just What Fans Are Looking For, Feel Like You Are Actually In The Fight

'Tekken 7' VR Is Just What Fans Are Looking For

'Tekken 7' VR Is Just What Fans Are Looking For, Feel Like You Are Actually In The Fight

“Tekken 7” VR is coming to Playstation.
The world of VR or virtual reality is changing the way developers are creating new games. While creating an immersive gaming experiences is possible by putting a first-person perspective as part of the game play, virtual reality allows the game to reach new heights and give gamers the true immersive experience they are looking for.

The “Tekken” franchise has been around for a long time, and have release a number of different game installments and spin-off games throughout the years. Creating a “Tekken 7” VR compatible game is expected as most of the consumer versions of VR tech will be made available next year.
The “Tekken 7” VR compatibility was announced during the Paris Games Week Conference. Apart from being able to support Playstation VR, the game would also be available on Xbox One.
According to IGN, there were no further details on the “Tekken 7” VR experience.
An announcement trailer for the latest installment of the “Tekken” game franchise was released on Sony Playstation’s Youtube Channel. The video showed various action clips from previous “Tekken” games, celebrating the 20 years since the game was first released. It also gave a preview of the storyline that is to be expected in the game.
It will be reportedly revealing more secrets of the elusive Mishima clan and their struggle for power.
On  VG24/7 , Katsuhiro Harada said that upon “Tekken 7’s” release there would be special content just for PS4 players. Unfortunately, interested gamers and fans would have to wait a bit longer for the official release date as there was no details released regarding it.

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