‘Tekken 7’ Character Josie Rizal Free From NCCA’s Grasp? Fans React To NCCA’s Press Release

'Tekken 7' Character Josie Rizal Free From NCCA's Grasp? Fans React To NCCA's Press Release
'Tekken 7' Character Josie Rizal Free From NCCA's Grasp? Fans React To NCCA's Press Release

It seems like the controversies surrounding “Tekken 7” character Josie Rizal will soon fade out as the person who sparked the issue is not affiliated with the NCCA.

Upon hearing this, Filipino fans had some things to say regarding the issue.

According to GMA news network , the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) issued a press release Thursday, April 2, stating that they are “studying what actions it may take on the issue of the name and image of Dr.

Jose Rizal” which is said to be patterned after “Tekken 7” character “Josie Rizal.” NCCA Chairman Felipe de Leon further added that Dr.

Leodenito Cañete’s stand on Josie Rizal “is not reflective of the stand of the Commission” and clarified that Cañete “is not an NCCA official” nor is he a part of the Commission at all.

Leodenito Cañete is actually affiliated to the “Bayaning Bayan project” which is a painting competition under NCAA’s “Philippine Cultural Education Program.” Cañete is concerned about the impression “Tekken 7” character Josie Rizal might give out to other countries.

“It’s hard to keep another country from making that sort of character since the Philippines is well-known around the world.” he said.

Upon hearing this, fans have mixed reactions towards the NCCA.

Jayson Mark Aguirre said, “I think NCCA should let ‘Tekken 7’ developers be.

The Philippines is featured in a popular video game through a female character named Josie Rizal.” He said.

“I would agree to NCCA to remove (if they wanted to) the character in the game if the character design is a male and has a name Jose Rizal.” “The character’s characteristics is far compared to Jose Rizal although their surnames are the same but, there are a lot of Filipinos whose surname is also Rizal.

Why do they want to remove the character from the game? She’s a Filipina anyway and has the same surname as Jose’s and other Filipinos.” He added. 

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