‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5 Spoilers: Kira To ‘Struggle With The Kitsune Spirit Within Her’

'Teen Wolf' Season 5 Spoilers: Kira To 'Struggle With The Kitsune Spirit Within Her'
'Teen Wolf' Season 5 Spoilers: Kira To 'Struggle With The Kitsune Spirit Within Her'


“Teen Wolf” may be mostly about werewolves, but there are plenty of other interesting supernatural creatures for non-werewolf fans.

  When the supernatural creature just so happens to be an ancient fox spirit, perhaps audiences find “Teen Wolf” to be even more interesting.

Earlier this year Executive Producer Jeff Davis sat down with Buzzfeed to discuss each character’s journey in “Teen Wolf” season five.

In regards to Kira (played by actress Arden Cho), Davis explained that her kitsune heritage will cause difficulties for her going forward.

“She’s going to be struggling with the kitsune as a spirit within her, struggling against it as she grows in power.

We really dive into the myth behind the kitsune; how it affects her life and how it affects her relationship with Scott,” explained Davis.

Davis also posed some questions about how her struggle with being a kitsune might affect her relationship with Alpha wolf Scott (played by Tyler Posey).

“Does that tear them apart? Is there a moment where we’re not sure if these two are going to last?” Even if things get difficult for Scott and Kira, it looks like the couple will be weathering the storm together.

Tyler Posey mentioned in an interview earlier this year that he and on-screen girlfriend Arden Cho may have had a steamy sex scene.

 “I think we may have had sex.

They kind of cut before, but there may have been,” said Posey (via Hollywood Life ).

Besides struggling with her inner kitsune, Kira will also be wielding her sword again.

Cho confirmed the return of her sword with a photo upload on her personal Twitter.

Cho also teased one of the “coolest scenes” she’s ever filmed in her career, suggesting some kitsune fighting action is in store for audiences in the upcoming episodes.

Fans can get all the new Kira kitsune action in “Teen Wolf” season five when it premieres on June 29.


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