Teen Top Ricky & Changjo, The Great Changes Of The Youngest Members

Teen Top Ricky & Changjo
Teen Top Ricky & Changjo

Boy group Teen Top ‘s members Ricky and Changjo turned into grown-up men.

On September 25, Mnet ” M! Countdown ” posted on their Twitter, “The youngest members of Teen Top Ricky and Changjo!! They’re the youngest but their aura is no joke! These beastly men~ It’s really ‘not easy’! Don’t forget to watch Teen Top tonight on ‘M! Countdown'” along with a picture.

In the picture, Ricky and Changjo are showing off their charisma at the camera.

Their previous boy-like cute images are nowhere to be found.

Internet users who saw this commented, “Wow they grew a lot,” “I like the all-black suits,” etc.

Teen Top recently released their new song “It’s Not Easy”.

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