‘Teen Mom 2’ Leah Messer Moves Out Of Marital Home? Husband Jeremy Calvert Still Accuses MTV Star Of Cheating?

Ever since “Teen Mom 2” Leah Messer’s cheating scandal broke out, things have been rocky for her and husband Jeremy Calvert.

Following the rumors, the MTV star did her best to patch things up with Calvert.

She also denied that she was unfaithful to her spouse of three years.

However, despite Leah Messer’s efforts, things might not be rosy for she allegedly moved out of the house which she shared with her husband.

According to InTouch , the reality actress took her twins Ali and Aleeah and their other sister Adalynn.

The four allegedly moved back home with Messer’s mother.

“Teen Mom 2” Leah Messer’s cheating scandal is the alleged cause of the couple’s misunderstanding.

Last year, Calvert claimed that his wife cheated on him with Robbie Kidd.

It can be remembered that Messer cheated on her first husband Corey Simms with Kidd.

Leah Messer and Robbie Kidd have both denied the allegations about them doing something behind Jeremy Calvert’s back.

Even her grandmother stepped in to refute the rumors.

Despite the lack of evidence, an InTouch  insider said that Jeremy Calvert still couldn’t let go of his reservations.

“Leah and Jeremy promised each other that they would try to move on, but Jeremy can’t seem to get over the past.

He’s constantly accusing Leah of things – usually cheating,” the insider said.

After “Teen Mom 2” Leah Messer’s cheating scandal, Jeremy Calvert also got involved on his own scandal.

Last year, he shared steamy messages and photos with Brittany Musick.

At one point, he asked the single mom from West Virginia to meet him in a hotel room.

The rendezvous didn’t happen when Musick found out that Calvert was lying about his real status with his wife.

Musick previously expressed her frustration to Radar Online  saying, “I have tried moving on from this whole Leah and Jeremy situation and let it be, and now he’s starting up again.” “Leah needs to keep her man on a leash,” she added that time.

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