Taylor Swift Flirts With Ed Sheeran And Boyfriend Calvin Harris, Bummed For Missing Met Gala 2015? ‘Style’ Singer Looks For Support In Best Friends And Boys As Mom Battles Cancer

Taylor Swift Flirts With Ed Sheeran And Boyfriend Calvin Harris
Taylor Swift Flirts With Ed Sheeran And Boyfriend Calvin Harris

Taylor Swift may be channeling her disappointment for missing out on Met Gala 2015 by flirting with Ed Sheeran as well as her rumored boyfriend Calvin Harris.

Seeing how ‘Style’ singer also has to deal with her mom battling cancer, she can use all the help that she can get from her best friends and boys.

According to Popsugar, “Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris were spotted riding in a car together in LA on Thursday.

The new couple, who have been hanging out since late March, looked smiley and happy while laughing at something on Taylor’s cell phone.” It looks like Taylor Swift has enough support team to get her through this tough spot in her life.

According to OK! Magazine, “Just as she found a new boyfriend, Taylor Swift’s world turned upside down when she found out her mother Andrea was diagnosed with cancer.

But thankfully, Taylor’s new man, Calvin Harris, has lent her a shoulder to cry on.” Who needs Met Gala 2015 when you have Ed Sheeran and Calvin Harris? And who else revealed her budding relationship with Calvin Harris other than her best friends! According to J-14 Magazine, Abigail Anderson, Karlie Kloss and Haim all had a part in bringing Taylor Swift together with Calvin Harris.

Taylor Swift celebrated this year’s International Women’s Day with Haim sisters and Selena Gomez and not her Vogue partner Karlie Kloss.

In fact, the model has not been seen on her Instagram for weeks now.

Maybe they had a falling out after sharing the Vogue cover.

If they didn’t then, they for sure will have a falling out after this boyfriend slip up! In fact, Karlie has gotten a lot of inspiration from Tay Tay’s career.

Seeing how the singer has diversified her talents, the model has also taken cue and enrolled in NYU to make her modeling career last even when her youth and beauty fades.

Do you think Calvin Harris will get mad at Taylor Swift for hanging out with Ed Sheeran? Let me know in the comments below!

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