Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris Dating Updates: DJ Lying To The Singer? Breakup Rumors Slammed!

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris Dating Updates: DJ Lying To The Singer? Breakup Rumors Slammed!

After six months of dating, a recent rumor claimed that Taylor Swift has finally ended her relationship with Calvin Harris.

According to Radar Online , the breakup stemmed from its report in September which talked about the 31-year-old DJ coming out of a Thai massage parlor in downtown Los Angeles, where he allegedly stayed for two hours.
A source reportedly said that while the “18 Months” artist “has his own masseuse, on staff,” he needed to go to the Thai massage parlor since his masseuse was not feeling well then.
“He lied to her,” the source allegedly dished about the dating status of Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris. “He gave some bullish*t excuse that his masseuse was sick and he needed his shoulder worked on.”
Accordingly, when the “Shake It Off” performer “gave him the boot for good ‘about a week ago,'” he pleaded and asked her “that she let him meet her at her first Nashville show.”
However, amid the 25-year-old’s rumored suspicion “about what happened inside,” a source close to his boyfriend “insisted to Radar nothing untoward occurred.”
In the meantime, Taylor Swift’s publicist pointed out that the rumors were untrue, reported People .
“I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again, do not believe Radar Online,” Tree Paine tweeted on Monday.
The said speculations involving the dating status of Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris were also slammed by the “Bad Blood” singer’s best pal Selena Gomez.
When asked by Andy Cohen during a SiriusXM radio interview if the two have already broken up, the “Revival” artist seemed shocked.
“Oh, I don’t know,” she said “I think I would have found that out. Is that a rumor?”
She went on saying, “But weren’t they like … oh gosh, this is honestly, it’s so stupid.”
“I’m pregnant every week. She’s going to be pregnant,” the “Good for You” singer added. “It’s so stupid. Like, you can’t really read that stuff.”
Probably to end the speculation about the current status of him dating Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris posted on Twitter  on Monday, “It’s not going to be a ‘happy ending’ for everyone I sue for defamation of character for all these bullshit stories bye bye.”

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